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How To Plan A 3-Day Itinerary Trip

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Weekend getaways, short turnaround trips, and quick stops should never hinder you from getting the most out of your trip. For some cities, three days isn’t enough, but for others, it’s just right or enough to satisfy your interest in hopes of later planning a more detailed visit.

Given the short amount of time, it can become troubling to figure out how to use your time wisely. Some popular cities can become overwhelming when trying to decide how to see and do it all. I, at times, have to create a plan to execute a city to ensure I spend my time wisely and see all the things I set out to see. In hopes of helping you do the same, here’s an ideal outline for a three-day itinerary trip.

Day 1 - Explore The City

I always recommend to my clients to take a city tour of some kind. It’s a great way to learn your bearings, knock out a lot of the top sites, and ask questions. What’s even better? A FREE walking tour. These types of tours are popular in major tourist cities. Most city tours last 2-3 hours, which is a great way to start your day. It’s also a great way to meet other fellow travelers and learn about other cool things to do in the city. From there, you can have lunch and continue to explore other sites nearby, visit museums, or other known landmarks. Some companies even offer other cool tours like food tours, photography tours, and other walking tours of other well-known neighborhoods. At times they are right after one another so they will keep your day full and schedule busy.

Day 2 - Day Trip Or Excursion

Every city you visit is known for something or has a nearby town that is. Use this day to get the most out of your trip by signing up for a day trip or excursion. The good ones will be jammed packed and full of things to do that will help you truly get your money’s worth. I usually find my day trip or excursion ideas on Viator, which is apart of trip advisor. You’ll find many tours going to similar places that cater to all types of travelers. I prefer the ones with the most highly rated reviews and provides many details of the trip itinerary. This lets me get a better feel of what’s to come and if it’s something I’d like to do.

Day 3 - Free Day

This day is yours to decide. Use this time to relax or explore things on your list that you didn’t get to yet. I usually use this time to hang out with people I've met or make another excursion or day trip. Either way, it's your last day so make sure to take advantage of your time. Live in the moment.

I hope this outline helps you get the most out of your next trip. I know I use this when planning out my many mini-adventures, and I always get the most out of my trips. Staying longer than three days? Repeat Days 2 or 3. The purpose of travel is to engulf yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting. You’d be surprised at what gems you’ll find when you do.

Happy Traveling, XO

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