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What ELSE Is In Vegas?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Adulting can be tough, and a quick weekend getaway becomes a dire necessity. I sit there counting down the days where I can fly off to some country and be free. Unfortunately, we aren't always able to take those lavish international trips but lucky for us, the USA has a few gems that fit the bill and get the job done.

One of those gems that always seems to make the list is Las Vegas. One thing I know is Las Vegas always guarantees a good time. But after multiple visits, one can grow bored of doing the same ol' strip life. There has to be more to Vegas than clubbing, pool parties, and gambling and I want to explore it.

Here are some alternatives to a good time in Las Vegas.


All throughout the strip, you’ll find different rides and attractions that will give a different thrill and views of the city. NY NY hotel has the Big Apple roller coaster, Stratosphere Hotel has a few adrenaline seeker rides, and the Circus Circus hotel has its own mini amusement park called Adventuredome. Can even head over to Rio hotel to zip line or step off the strip to Slotzilla for some zip lining down Fremont street. Vegas also has a couple of water attractions. At Buffalo Bills (has other amusement rides too) they have a water ride called Adventure Canyon, and there is also a water amusement park off the strip called Wet n Wild. Want more? How about driving or riding in a race car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! There is definitely something out there to satisfies the kid in us.


Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas you'll find the Fremont Street Experience. Besides Slotzilla and the Viva Vision light show, you'll find Fremont gives another view into the Vegas lifestyle. It's the perfect place for people watchers since the street is full of lights, art galleries, shows, and street performers. It's also perfect for those who want to capture the vintage Vegas with the different hotel buildings, restaurants, and shows.


A little retail therapy is ALWAYS good for the soul. Besides shopping in a different city gives you a chance to snag some pieces you might not see back home. You know, different demographics at time affect the types of items provided. There are plenty of options on the strip as well as off the strip. Don't forget to check out the different outlet malls to cop some good deals.


Did you know Las Vegas has a distillery and whiskey maker? Las Vegas Distillery is known as Nevada's first craft distillery and whiskey maker. They have a couple of vodkas and whiskeys that you're allowed to taste as you tour the distillery. Great way to learn a little history as you wet your palette. And while you're in the "Artisan Booze District," check out some of the nearby breweries. Hard alcohol isn't your thing? Well, how about a wine tasting! Lucky for you they aren't hard to find. On the strip, you can find many hotels with restaurants, cellars, and tasting rooms that offer wine tasting. If you're willing to venture off the strip, you'll find even more options and many free ones (or super cheap tasting cost).


You know, Groupon has never failed me so I doubt they would drop the ball by not providing some of the coolest activities I wouldn't even fathom Las Vegas to offer. Plus who wouldn't like a discount! You'll see horseback riding, shows, attractions, activities, and more on there. So if all else fails and you want to try something new... Groupon!!


It a little drive outside the city but quite the site. Seven Magic Mountian is a large-scaled art exhibit done by an international renown Swiss artist. Placed in the desert, you can't miss the massive colorful towers. Be sure to check it out before it's gone (end of 2018).

Hope I was able to provide some fresh ideas to spruce up your Vegas experience. Know some other activities? Don't hesitate to share!

Adventures In Vegas, XOXO

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