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Seattle And My Christian Grey Experience

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The only things that come to mind when I think about Seattle are Starbucks, Seahawks, and good ol' Christian Grey (50 shades minus the red room). I know, I know...Not good reasons. Plus, Sleepless in Seattle is a waaay more popular movie (though... I've never seen it). And... when I say, Christian, I'm only speaking of finding a nice looking gentleman. With an opportunity to explore a new city, why not keep my eye out.

Coming to Seattle to find my Christian Grey was merely a joke that the universe decided to play back on me. Even my mom seemed to be in on it since she called me 7:30 am PST to tell me Seattle is known for having the most eligible bachelors. Of course, I'm open to finding love in a hopeless place, but Seattle? Could it be the trip of my love life dreams? Well.... my luck must've run out because I found love, but it was majorly unwarranted. I will make it easy and not reveal names (just in case they are reading this) by describing my three encounters during my trip as "Christian."

Christian #1

Arriving into the city this Somalian Uber driver Jekyll Hyde my ass and tried to kidnap me to his hotel room. I don't know how a casual Uber ride turned into a scene from Taken but I for sure was not the one to live out the end. All I did was ask some regular smegular touristy questions like what's there to do and if any cool things were going on that weekend. Plus, I was hungry, so I asked for dinner suggestions. He offered, which seemed genuine, to take me downtown to a dinner spot after my initial drop off. This was great because now I didn't have to wait for another ride.

I dropped off my stuff and got in the car to head to where I thought was downtown. As he drove off, he started asking me questions like did I live alone, was that my house, and who were those people outside the house. Noticing no highway in sight and no destination mentioned I immediately questioned where we were going. This fool had the nerve to say we were going to his house! Talking about he thought we could chill there first then dinner. How sway? How'd you gather that?? I found a restaurant nearby and told him to take me there immediately. Once we arrived, I jumped out the car and walked away. I definitely reported him to Uber.

Christian #2

After dinner and wine to get over the tragedy that was Christian #1, I returned to the Airbnb cottage to meet Christian #2. He so happened to be the other occupant in the cottage. When I ran into him, his eyes got big, and he stuttered as he said hello. From that moment on, we spent the rest of the evening engrossed in deep conversation as we talked about our lives and of course, travel stories.

Everything was fine until he asked if I wanted wine. It seemed as if that was his lead-way into being a Casanova. Taking a break for snacks, we were eating mangos in the kitchen as he poured our glasses of wine. Still chatting, he reached over and caressed my shoulder. (Whhyyyyyy!) I played it off by about facing back to the living room. As he follows behind, he decides to make the topic of discussion relationships and sex. Ugh! As I gulped down my wine, I complained about how tired I was to set up my escape route. I couldn't handle another scandal that night, so I went to bed. I was exhausted.

Keeping the plans we made the night before; I decided to follow through with him accompanying me as I explore the city. Nothing like having my very own photographer. Plus, I had plans to meet up with an old friend, so it wasn't all day affair. We rode the train into the city and discovered all the well-known sites of Seattle. Pikes Place, the original Starbucks, Gum Wall, the Ferris Wheel, the Space Needle, and many other stops along the way. He was even my bodyguard when a few guys followed me down the street trying to holler at me.

All was well that day until he rubbed my shoulder again as we waited to meet up with my friend. I don't know why it annoyed me, but it did.

Christian #3

Meeting me and Christian #2 at the Space Needle was Christian #3. Thanking him for rescuing me from Christian #2, we walked the streets to get drinks before heading to a park.

Though I usually wouldn't put someone I know in this category...I think he's befitting. You see, I met Christian #3 a long time ago in passing. When I was looking up Facebook friends living in Seattle, I saw him and decided to hit him up. I was honestly surprised he was open to hanging out.

As we sat at the bar, it was that moment I noticed Christian #3 was actually good looking. I never really noticed before or I didn't remember, but he fit the exact my description of Christian Grey... nice handsome gentleman.

We finished our drinks and went to a park that overlooked the city before catching a ferry to Bainbridge. He thought we could do karaoke, but only if he knew how deadly my voice was, he wouldn't have made this suggestion. Opted to look like a lame, I took my L proudly in hopes to save face and embarrassment. We continued to chit chat over drinks before catching the ferry back and parting ways.

I'd learned two things on this trip. The first thing is that Seattle got some crazy people living there. And on the flip side, some of the nicest people too. By far, the friendliest people I've met on a US trip. The second thing I learned is that I can find love (basically people do like me) in the US... just not in the city I reside in. Such my luck. I appreciated Christian #3 for reminding me that there are good guys out there. And with that, I will always remember Seattle.

Loveless in Seattle, XOXO

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