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Girls SPAcation!!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Girls just want to have fun… well sometimes we want to relax, be pampered, and spend the day at the spa! That’s right! Girls weekend trip to Dallas for a day at the spa.

But not just any spa… A Korean day spa. This spa has everything you’d think is in a spa and then some. Seem like it was straight out of this movie I’ve seen. This place is open practically 24/7. I even met someone who comes to the spa all the time and told me that people actually live there. They say it's cheaper than a hotel… not that I recommend such, but people can be sooo resourceful.


This is my first time at these types of spas. It was my friend KP’s idea. She’s sooo LA and when she found out they have a similar spa here in Texas it was a must go! She knew everything about the place. We basically followed whatever she said to do as we watched all wide eyed.

They had everything from baths to saunas to a waterpark. It was something for everyone. I liked that they embodied the culture and made everyone abide by it as well. I couldn’t tell you the difference between the rooms without reading them, but I loved the experience of how it felt to go into each room.

And I know you’re thinking it… Yes, people are naked. It's mandatory if one decides to do the baths. No worries, though. No phones are allowed. Just the God-awful imprint of random women in their all-natural look. Let alone my friends and I are much closer than we imagined we would be in such a short length of time. If you weren’t comfortable in your skin, go here and some people will make you appreciate what you have and what gravity didn’t hit.

Being here felt like being in a time warp. A lost of time in a place that provides everything you need. By the time we left it was nightfall. It was time to freshen up and grab some dinner before the partying took place. Might as well get loose on the dance floor before crashing for the night and driving home in the morning.

All in all, I would definitely do this again. Hopefully during a big event or festival so I can really see what Dallas has to offer. We’ve met some really cool people. And now that I’ve meet some new friends it would be great to hang out again.

Sometimes a little weekend getaway to a nearby city still fills the void of traveling. Every city within a state or country has something amazingly unique about it. It's rich in history, people, and culture. You never know what adventure you’d find just by going next door… well in our case, 3.5 hours drive away.

Spa Day in my near future Dallas, XOXO

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