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My Greek Experience


After feeling defeated and barely making my flight, landing in Santorini brought pure joy and sadness. Joy because after all I been through I finally made it and sadness because the stupid airline fiasco cut a day off my Santorini experience.

But making the most of it, I made it to the hotel, put on my swimsuit and made my way to the beach. Enjoying the only time I had there I took in the fantastic views as I made new friends.

From the little bit I've seen, Santorini seemed like a very romantic island. Between the epic backdrop and amazing sunsets, Santorini is a couple's dream. Many things to do and see on quite a large island from churches and hiking to wineries. Definitely, could've used a few days to wander the island.


We only had enough time to spend a day there. Rented a 4 wheeler to explore the city. We stumbled upon a prehistoric settlement called Skarkos. It was closed buuuttttt we jumped the fence. We couldn't come all this way and not see SOMETHING!! Followed the path to the top to only be chased by a donkey. I guess that's what we get. But didn't stop the explorer in us because we made it to the top. It wasn't the exhibit we were originally on a mission to see but breathtaking nonetheless.

In need of an extreme cool down from the beaming sun we made our way to the party beach. Full of people sunbathing and riding the waves we found peace in the water. Well... that was until this one wave tried to bring me under. I don't play that! That was my sign to take my nonswimming ass to the shore where it's safe. It didn't help that as I struggled with getting hit with multiple waves and trying to get out that I had an audience who watched and laughed at me. One even had the nerve to say to me she didn't think it would've that bad. I guess you can say it was pretty bad. To save face, I found my way to a beach bar where I laid on pillows as I enjoyed my daiquiri and hummus as I jammed out to the island mix playing on their speakers.

We ended the night bar hopping in the town village. Ios is kind of a party island so there were plenty of bars and parties to choose from. You'd think they would be packed with all the people floating around. Much to our dismay the clubs and bars were practically empty. Everyone was sitting outside socializing with one another. I would think at 4am people would be drunk and bout passed out but I stood corrected.


Mykonos is known as the party island. It's also called Greece LGBT island. They are proud and accepting of the community and have many clubs and beaches just for LGBT to enjoy. Mykonos is often compared to Ibiza, Spain. In fact they say its better, but I'd have to visit Ibiza to see if that's even true.

Arriving in Mykonos, we caught the shuttle to our home for the next couple of days. Upon arrival, Paraga Beach Hostel was magical. Full of half naked guys (and girls but I wasn't checking for them) with music blaring and fancy strobe lights. I was in ah and was ecstatic to see all this Hostel had to offer.

I've stayed in plenty of hostels but never one like this. We stayed in a coed cabin with seven others. Never shared a room with guys before. You'd think they would separate the males from females since the bathrooms are but guess not.

Exploring the Hostel, we saw they had a DJ with multiple bars and a restaurant that also offered late night bites. They even had a salon theater did hair, nails, and henna. Immediately next door it was multiple bars and restaurants that open up to the beach and on the other side was Paradise Beach that had a bunch of clubs too.

That night we decided to turnup in Paradise Beach. Shaken it to that techno beat didn't last that long. Before we knew it we were being groped and followed by 2 guys. Ugh. They barely spoke English but knew enough to have the nerve to ask me to go to the beach for sex. WHAT. THE. ENTIRE. FUCK. Trying to escape we ran off to the bathroom to leave and see them waiting by the door. Like dude get the hint since you not understanding my words! Ugh. As I stood there trying to escape the bartender waved and said come to the bar. I told him what was going on and asked if he could help us get rid of them. So he leaned over and told the guy something and they looked at us and walked off. The bartender then proceeds to hit on me. Really? I guess he thought that was his entrance and I took it as my exit. Deciding to just relax a bit on the beach I. Prices movement and looked over and saw some people having sex! Then a guy came and peed in the ocean right in front of us! Time to go! We decided to head to the room and call it a night. That was enough of Mykonos party scene.

The next day we explored the island. Headed to the lighthouse, Mykonos City to see the windmills and little Italy, and the oldest city on the island Ana Mora. I spent the evening with my hostel roommates drinking wine under the stars waiting for the sun to rise.


When I envision Athens, I thought it would be something out of a fairytale. I guess I watched too much tv and movies because it was a bit ugly. Graffiti was on just about every building. There were soo many side streets and random men on them that it made us a bit uncomfortable. It didn't help that some people I met before said they were followed by men holding themselves and holding up a V shape to their mouths. But under that disgusting and vile entire lied a beautiful aura, history and people proud of their culture.

We traveled by foot to see all the monuments from a distance. We didn't go up close because they all charged just to go inside. Living on a budget, I was good with just the exterior. We spent the evening walking the streets before heading home to wash and prepare for the next trip.

Would I ever go again?

I honestly wasn't that impressed with Greece. I believe it's because I missed out on exploring Santorini and for that reason alone I would want to come back. I also would prefer to visit some of the other islands. The country is full of history that it would take months to fully explore and enjoy Greece for all it has to offer. I definitely would want to come with bae (wherever he is). The country is so romantic and it's only soo much that could be appreciated while traveling with a friend. Watching sunsets and everyone smooching and we staring off trying not to make it more awkward than it is... is awkward within itself.

Greece Out, XOXO


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