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Why I Quit My Job For Travel

As I stare at the microwave warming up my last meal, so many thoughts went through my head. Those 3 minutes seemed like forever as I waited for my Velveeta mac n cheese cup to finish. All I could think about is what's to come and how excited and anxious, yet terrified I was. I've made quite a few rash decisions in my life, but this one felt sooo right which scared me. I've never quit a job before... More so I was fired, or my contract ended.

Do I lack work ethic? No.

Do I lack discipline? No.

It always came down to the same story of I'm found a threat by management and they either find a way to stifle my growth or get rid of me. I guess you can say this time I beat them to the punch and made It the most freeing experience.

When I first started, I did all I could to show I'm an asset, but it was a punch to the gut when management in return said they thought this was a transition job for me. I was even deemed a threat to others because of my knowledge and background. Leaving me baffled, I fell into autopilot at work and used my time to build my blog and travel. I thought this job would be a cushion placeholder. I finessed management all the time to either leave early or work from home. I was able to travel all the time. Work became super easy that it turned into boredom and me back to the same dream of traveling the world.

Toying with the idea, I prayed on it many of nights. I might be a free spirit, but I'm rational. All I could think about were my responsibilities... my bills ... adulting... how was I going to pay for everything with no true job security!??! I knew if I was going to do this I needed God's help. God once moved me to Houston with no job and no money. Though a bigger feat, I know this quest is possible with God's help. God gives us the desires of our hearts. All we have to do is ask and we shall receive.

What Led Me To Quit

Come January 2017 I knew I wasn't going to have any Paid Time Off (PTO) by July. By then I honestly didn't care. I knew my days were numbered. I put travel over my job and knew that sacrifice could lead to unemployment. I even spoke to HR regarding options like a sabbatical or the what-ifs I was to take leave without PTO to cover me. All responses were unfavorable.

So now I was stuck with a ticket to Greece that if I take it, I'll have no job and if I didn't go to Greece, I'd be assed out of $500. Bump that! I was going to Greece! I started praying on it and asked God to prepare me and align me for what was to come. Three things happened to get me started, and from there I knew everything else would fall in line.

Travel Buddy

God makes no mistakes when placing people in your life. I remember when I first met Adrianna at work. She seemed nice and all, but a bit standoffish. I was like yeah... I'm good on her. But over time we shared words and became well acquainted. I believe the moment we truly clicked is when she drove over 16 hrs to meet me in Chicago for a Chance the Rapper concert. I didn't believe she'd do it! It was the craziest thing ever, but she did, and we had the best weekend ever. We jumped over banisters and off port-a-potties to see Kanye West. Almost got kicked out of the concert in the process. That my friends made her a friend for life.

After many countless conversations about travels, I'd like to say I convinced her to quit her job and join me. Ok ok. I'm sure I didn't have THAT much to do with it, but it all aligned. We went from the idea of moving to Cali to let's backpack Europe! I told her by your ticket, so I know it's real, and from there I had a travel buddy.

Though I had all intentions of traveling solo, having a travel partner and someone to share these memories with brings you a level of security and peace. NO one truly wants to be alone. Plus, I save a few coins having a travel buddy. It's cheaper to travel with at least one person than by yourself. I'm thankful she's taking this journey with me.

What To Do With My Stuff

Detaching yourself from your material possessions, in the beginning, is hard. I honestly didn't realize how much I accumulated over the years until I tried to condense my life to a bedroom. I started by figuring out what I wanted to keep and selling off the rest. Struggling to let go, my best friend flew in town to help me part with my things. Though we argued half the time, I was able to shed three-fourths on my closet and prepare a lot of pieces for selling. Over time it became easier, and I was able to throw things out on my own and sell off my furniture. I was at peace with the idea of it all because I knew such greater reward was on the horizon.

Travel Funds

Somehow I was able to save a Good chunk of money. Though I still worry without the security of a 9-5, I know I have skills to find and secure employment if and when needed. Plus, I have a travel consulting business. With the extra time I now have and the rise of clients, I'm sure I can turn a profit much quicker than I did in the past.

I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. Having the same job issues over and over, lack of connections, and the constant urge to explore and travel have all led me to this point. Choosing to step out on faith and follow the desires of my heart is the bravest, yet terrifying thing anyone could ever do. Everyone isn't up for the challenge, but I for sure, have never been so ready.

Are you afraid to fail? Of course, but I also know if I don't try that the resentment will bury me more.

Will you come back? Eventually. I haven't selected a return date. More so, I'd like to check in and see how's it going. I don't want to feel stifled by an end date. I want to be free to go and explore as I please.

Want to keep up with my journey? Follow my blog and social media accounts. I'm working on posting more, snapping, and keeping you guys up on my travel journey. Who knows... I might even start vlogging my thoughts. Shrug. My primary goal is to document as much as I can and gain as much knowledge about each place I visit to become a better travel consultant and blogger.

I truly appreciate all the well wishes and support. Until we meet again.... on to my next quest.

First Stop... GREECE, XOXO

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