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A weekend getaway consists of 3-4 day trip that typically falls on the weekend or holiday. These trips are full of relaxation and sightseeing. In this post, I will share the top things to do while on your weekend getaway.

When my friend asked me to go on a trip, it was much to her surprise I'd say yes. It was much to mines that we would settle on Mexico City. When one thinks Mexico, we all think beach and tourist trap resort towns. Mexico City doesn't have the best reputation, but that never scared me off before so hey... why not!

Language: Spanish is the primary language (duh). I speak a few words, but luckily for me, my friend is fluent. Though it's a plus, she still gave me space to flex my Duolingo skills. Where to stay: We stayed in a high rise condo Airbnb in the business district. Full of expats and business people. We felt safe coming in and out at different times of the night. Some popular neighborhoods to stay in are Polanco, Roma, Condessa, the Historic Center and Coyoacan.

Safety: Just like any other city, don't venture where you aren't too familiar, not welcoming to tourist, or was warned to stay away. They have police all over the city, especially in the city center.

Top 5 Things To Do Zocalo

You can’t go to Mexico City without visiting Zocalo, the Main Square and where all the action happens. At the time of my visit, Christmas was around the corner, so Zocalo was full of family time fun from an ice skating rink to the biggest Christmas tree light show I’ve ever seen. Zocalo is one of the most recognizable places in Mexico City since the Aztec days. While visiting Zocalo, you'll find the National Cathedral, the National Palace, and some federal buildings bordering the square.

Frida Kahlo Museum

Can’t come all this way and not visit the museum of Frida Kahlo, Mexico’s most celebrated artist. The museum was once the house she was born and grew up and later died. Donated by her husband, the house is his way of honoring his wife and sharing her story and collections. The museum provides an intimate look into the artist's life and allows all fans to feel as if they know her personally.


Xochimilco is a city located in a southern borough a little bit outside of Mexico City. This agricultural town is full of picturesque canals that you can travel down by renting these colorful open-air boats. With the options of hoping on a boat with strangers or reserving your boat, people seem to make this into a social outing by bringing food, drinks, and music. Didn’t bring anything? No problem! As you float down the canal, you can purchase food, drinks, and trinkets. You can also purchase a song by a floating mariachi band. Or you can enjoy your time taking in the scenery of the houses and gardens that you’ll pass by during your ride.

Teotihuacan Pyramids

Did you know Mexico City has some of the largest pre- Columbian pyramids and 1 of the top 3 pyramids in the world? Of course, Egypt has the other top pyramids, but who would’ve guessed that the US had some in their own backyard. About 30 miles outside the city you’ll find Teotihuacan and all its discoveries. You’ll spend a lot of time eyeing many artifacts in the nearby museum and climbing the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Definitely a workout, but if they can climb a pyramid in heels and holding babies then I can too!

Plaza Garibaldi and the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal

Plaza Garibaldi is famous for its roaming musicians for hire and cantina scene. Have a little money? Tip the mariachi band, and they will serenade you with any song you like. While there, be sure to stop by the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal to learn a little history before indulging in taste. Once you make it to the top, they have a cool open air restaurant where you can enjoy the tequila and mezcal you just learned about while a local band jams out and performs traditional songs and dances.

BONUS Templo Mayor and Museum

We ran out of time to visit here, but it definitely was on the list of must-see. This temple was once the center of worship for the Aztec people. They worshiped the gods of war and rain here, and now it's an archeological site and museum. You’ll get to explore the temple, and it alters and the remaining houses and buildings. The museum helps uncover some of the mysteries of the Aztec civilization.

Mexico City takes fashion seriously and sure knows how to party! Be sure to come dressed with your dancing shoes because they party all night long! I enjoyed my time there and will make my way back. Might not have been the beach vacation trip I was hoping for, but it's definitely the city living I love.

Mucho amor por la ciudad de Mexico, XOXO


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