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Sacrifices I’ve Made For A Life Of Travel

Let’s face it. I’m not as bold as my fellow travelers who quit their day jobs to follow their passions. As much as every fiber in my body wants me to sell off all my stuff and quit, I haven’t yet. So Monday through Friday I manage to keep a regular 9 to 5 office job while pursuing a life of travel. That means I dedicate all my free time to everything travel.

Last year was the start of my journey. Many joked about my disappearance, but I didn’t feel it until this year. You’d think that as you work towards something you’ve dreamed about your whole life that it’ll be easy and you’d have much support. Little did I know it’s quite the opposite and has left me feeling alienated and at times depressed.

You see when you want something you will do whatever you can to get it. It becomes a significant impact on your life and it causes one to makes sacrifices in hopes that the future would appreciate all that you’ve endured and shine a light on you. Clearly, I’m still in the sacrificing stage. It’s nothing new, and I believe I can handle it. It’s more so the unexpected reactions that got my mind on a tailspin.

Here are a few sacrifices I’ve made thus far for a life of travel.

Life of Travel caused me to sacrifice my friends Chasing my desires for a life of travel has caused me to lose friendships. I didn’t expect them to wait around for me or act as if they couldn’t live life, but to come home and it feel as if I don’t live here anymore or my friends don’t extend an invite out of consideration hurts the ego. No one wants to feel friendless or come back to a place that doesn't feel like home. It leaves you feeling alienated from what you once knew.

I knew the friends who didn’t support me would eventually fall off. I get it. Everyone doesn’t share the same desires as me and everyone has a season. Travel isn't for everyone. I just didn’t think I'd be penalized for chasing my dreams. When you have someone that you deemed to be a friend you’d hope they would understand and support you through this time in your life, but I’ve noticed quite the opposite. Who knows the actual reason behind it all? It could be numerous reasons for one to end a friendship. I just didn’t think it would come to a point where I felt I’d sacrifice friendships for a life of travel especially since everyone aspires to do so in their own way.

Friends are hard to come by. Not the ones who hang around to see if you’d send them flight deals and try to milk you for free travel advice. Or the ones who smile in your face and turn around and say they can do better or even try to become your competition. More so good friends who genuinely care and support and want to see you succeed in life. Those friends are hard to come by, and I try my hardest to not take them for granted. Despite the distance or lack of communication, I hope my real friends know I appreciate them.

Life of Travel caused me to sacrifice my career Yes… I have a job. As hard as it is for some to believe, I’ve maintained a basic 9 to 5 gig.

I’ve always had dreams of taking my career further. I’ve tried for years to get into consulting because that’s what I believed my career needed for me to succeed. I had no intentions of staying. I just wanted the name, experience, and connections. My goal was 2-5 years tops, and I was out. The only thing is I couldn’t manage to keep that career which takes a lot out of you and achieve my desires for a life of travel.

It’s already hard to move up the corporate ladder or change gears in your career. Adding travel to it makes it impossible. How can I change jobs or go through training when I have a trip plan almost every month? I know some jobs provide the freedom I’m looking for, but they are rather hard to get if I haven’t had the time or opportunity to gain those skills needed to secure the job.

So I’ve decided to give up on those dreams. I’m willing to sacrifice my career plans and follow the desires of my heart. And in the process turn my passions into my career plan. A life of travel helped me discover my love for planning trips and finding deals. I’m addicted to it. It only makes sense to share it with others through travel consulting.

Life of Travel caused me to sacrifice my love life Dating is hard. period. If you don’t own a passport or never traveled outside the US…. I can’t do anything with you.

Harsh, I know, but it’s my reality. What could I possibly do with a guy who has never traveled outside the US let alone don’t even own a passport? I’m not calling you basic but… (if the shoe fits. shrug ) The guy would never understand me, and I would still be traveling alone. Eventually, we would grow apart because it’s hard to date let alone maintain a relationship since I don’t have much free time between work and travel.

I know there are guys out there who travel… but I haven’t managed to run into them because I guess they’re busy… traveling.

Random “boyfriends” in different countries consumes my time during the duration of the trip but doesn’t soothe the heart. Maybe my husband is another country waiting on my arrival… hmmm.

Life of Travel caused me to sacrifice me At times it’s hard to find that balance one needs. I don’t feel like myself when I’m not traveling. I’ve never noticed, but my friend says every time I return home I’m awkwardly depressed. I start complaining more about my job and how I’m ready to quit and fly out somewhere. I also find myself exhausted and have no desires to do anything.

A life of travel is causing me to sacrifice me. Sometimes you can get lost in what you’re chasing and lose yourself in the process. That is where friends, normal day to day activities, and a job come in. It’s the balance needed to keep me from not recognizing my blessings and how far I’ve come. Until I take that leap of faith and fully dedicate my life to travel, I can’t lose myself to depression, alienation, or this job.

Is it worth it? YES!

I wouldn't change it for the world! With sacrifice comes great reward and I for sure wouldn't do it any other way. I know I don’t have all the answers, and I’m still trying to figure this Life of travel, but too many before me have managed to live out my dream, so I know it’s possible. I don’t think anyone would understand until they ventured out and explored this amazing world. Life will then have a new meaning and appreciation. I just hope that when my dying day comes I can say that I've lived life doing what I love with no regrets.

I hope to continue to share these moments with others through group travel, travel consulting, and my blog.

Travel is my life, XOXO

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