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A weekend getaway consists of 3-4 day trip that typically falls on the weekend or holiday. These trips are full of relaxation and sightseeing. This post is used to share ideas of things to do while on your weekend getaway.

Catching a great deal to a country that’s only 2.5 hours away makes Belize a prime location for a Weekend Getaway. It’s the number one place for those who want to relocate or retire on a budget. And it also helps that English is the primary language.

Belize has many different parts to explore, but for this trip, I left the mainland and took a water taxi to Ambergris Caye to experience the relaxation of island life. Ambergris Caye, located off the eastern shore is Belize’s largest island. This island is known for its Caribbean beaches, water activities, and Barrier Reef. The main town, San Pedro is the center of this island for all exploration.

Where did you stay? San Pedro has many options of hotels and resorts, but I stayed in an awesome Hostel called Hostel La Vista. It has a prime location right in the town square, making it easily accessible to everything. It was also a nice touch that the owner is a Houston native who lives on the property. I reserved a private room with bathroom attached. The room was very spacious and had fantastic views of the water.

An awesome bonus was that everyone who was staying there that weekend was from Houston! Oh… And that every night at 7 pm the hostel offered unlimited rum punch. That alone is what sold me on this place. Who could pass up free Rum Punch?

Top 3 Experiences

1. The Secret Beach Shhh… Don’t tell anyone I told you about this place… ok, I’m only joking. The name of the beach is “Secret Beach.” Off the beaten path, one will find a beautiful beach lagoon. They have signs that can lead you to it, but its best found with a local. On my way there I knew if I tried to get there on my own I would’ve definitely gotten lost. They don’t have great signage, and it’s a lot of turns on a dirt road. But once you arrive, it’s quite breathtaking.

2. Lobster Pizza and Panty Rippers Who could pass up a good meal? With many options to pick from, I just couldn’t stay away from the pizza… Lobster Pizza. (My mouth waters just thinking about it.) Lobster Pizza seemed to be very popular on the island. Several people said it was a must try, and they weren't lying! Don't forget to wash it down with a ‘Panty Ripper.' It's a simple drink made with Belizean rum and pineapple juice that taste exquisite. But be careful, it definitely sneaks up on you. I left Belize with a bottle in tote.

They also have local tents serving quick bites like tacos and sandwiches with fresh seafood. Great place to stop as you bounce between clubs.

3. The People Ever been somewhere where everyone seems so relaxed and have such a love for life? A place where the people are thoughtful and friendly. Even the Americans living there are quite nice. I guess that’s what retirement does for you in Belize. To spend time with people who love their country and want you to have the experience makes it worthwhile.

Looking for adventure? Belize also has fantastic tours of the Mayan Ruins and cave tubing. Many water activities from jet skis to snorkeling to scuba diving in the reef. Want something laid back? Rent a boat for fishing or to get to a remote part of the island to gain access to a swanky bar.

Un-Belize-able, XOXO


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