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Pura Vida PART II

Manuel Antonio- Playa de Espadilla North

Playa de Espadilla is known as one of the top beaches in Costa Rica. It’s about an hour drive from Jaco so it’s only right to take a day trip to end our visit to this part of the country. As I extended our check out to secure our bags at the hotel, I asked Lauren to get the cab. Good thing the hotel extends as late as 4pm because it gave more time to spend in Manuel Antonio. When we got in the taxi and started to drive off. I noticed this taxi was metered and nervously asked Lauren if she asked the driver how much to our destination. Unfortunately, she didn’t. So we had to sit back and hope we had enough to get there.

After traffic and a rapidly rising meter, we knew we needed an ATM. Struggling with my Spanish (well… lack thereof) I tried to explain to the driver what we needed. Just as confused knowing only a little English, he called someone to translate for us. In the end, he actually worked out a deal and said he would wait and provide round trip for $150. May seem steep to some, but the way the one-way meter was set up, we were already pushing close to $100 and haven’t even considered how much it would take to get back. Besides, who wouldn’t want a personal chauffeur?

Lesson Learned: Rent a car. It’s cheaper.

Manuel Antonio was simply beautiful. After grabbing some local libations and lunch, we ventured around the outskirts of the park and saw some of the birds and monkeys. We didn’t have time to enter the park and go on any tours so we gave ourselves one. We finally made our way to the beach to enjoy the little sun peeking through this cloudy day. One could tell the difference in the water and sand. It was so much better than Jaco.

As we sat there, Lauren mentioned we haven’t done anything adventurous this trip. So… of all the activities we could do, she picked parasailing…. PARASAILING!!! Are you kidding me!! Y’all know I can’t swim!! I don’t mind some water sports, but this one lands IN THE WATER!!! Not on a boat!! IN THE WATER!! Any other time I would be gone ho for an adventure but this time, its heights AND water involved. I mean you have to pick one and here I am conquering two!

As we prepared for our turn all I could feel was my stomach. It was that feeling when you couldn’t tell the difference between nervousness and having to poop. I had to get the guy to repeat the instructions several times because I couldn’t focus. After the third time, it didn’t matter because we were connected and he was waving to the guy on the speedboat to take off. All I could think to do as we began to run was to say, “Have the jet ski ready!”

As we went up I grew nauseous. I was excited I did it, but couldn’t wait to get down. Lauren was excited. So excited she thought it was a great idea to shake us. How is that great!? So I can shake out of my seat and fall to my death which is by ocean??? Once she noticed my despair she stopped and we took a few pictures.

The boat took us around and as we came to the end of the trip I knew it was time to land in the water. “Lord it’s too soon to die!! I need more time!!” were the thoughts going through my head. Lauren tried to keep me calm and I believe I put on a great front to believe I was. As we landed in the water she coached me through this detrimental moment and unhooked us from the speedboat and parachute. She had no worries because she could swim so I just held on to her as we waited for the Jet Ski to pick us up.

Getting on the Jet Ski seemed somewhat easy. What I didn’t expect was for me to fall off. After the guide got me on the jet ski, the guide turned around pivoting his foot on the left side, Lauren places all her weight on her left foot as she tried to get on the boat. And what happens when all the weight is practically on the left side of the Jet Ski? It leaves me flying off the Jet Ski as it flipped over. Luckily, the guide was right there to scoop me up and he got me back on. He immediately took me to shore and left Lauren. For 5 seconds, selfishness overcomes me because I couldn't think of anything but gets me to land. Then the thought of Lauren floating in the distance crossed my mind as I grew closer to shore. Once I got off he went and picked her up. Thankfully the speedboat was nearby making sure she was okay.

As I made my way to the sweet shore that I will never leave again to parasail, I realized my phone had water in the case. Pressed the buttons and nothing came on! NOOOOOOO!!!! I just got my phone back and it’s only had it a week! Oh, how the “waterproof” case fooled me. All my wonderful epic pictures and videos… gone. I have nothing. No pictures… No music… No phone… Then it hit me! No Phone! How will I reach Sarai’s brother who was to meet us in San Juan? I was exhausted and depressed.

I bought some rice from a nearby store and waited for the taxi driver to make his way back to the car. As I sat my phone in the bag of rice all I could think about was all the cool videos and pics I got for the blog that I can’t share.

I rode in silence back to Jaco.

Lesson Learned: Test the “waterproof” case before using it. And those waterproof bags seem to do better than the case.

RIP iPhone #2, XOXO


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