July 1-11, 2021

Partnering with Black Traveler, I present to you a South American adventure to Salvador da Bahia, Iguazu Falls, and Rio de Janeiro. With this trip, you will get a chance to explore two cities and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 



Africa meets South America right in Bahia. We will start our journey discovering African roots in Bahia through religion, music, and dance. We will also spend time visiting the main cultural and

historical sites, including hidden places that only locals know. We can't leave town without a dance lesson and a great performance!


Why not take a pit stop by Iguazu Falls to explore the Argentinian and Brazilian side of this wonder of nature! As we explore, we will get to drive through the jungle and take a boat trip along the waterfall to get a closer look. 


Let's start with an African culture and city tour for a true Rio welcome. We will be sure to explore all the major spots like Christ the Redeemer, Selaron Steps, Santa Teresa, and Sugar Loaf Cable Car. Of course, free time to explore the many beaches and neighborhoods. Don't miss out on the optional samba lessons! 






JULY 1 - Arrival Day & Welcome Dinner

JULY 2 - Independence Day/Free Day (OPTIONAL ADD-ON)

JULY 3 - African Roots: Religion, Music, and Dance

Breakfast and lunch included.

JULY 4 - Boat Tour (All Saints Bay)

Breakfast and lunch included.

JULY 5 - Flight Bahia x Iguazu Falls / Free Day (OPTIONAL ADD-ON)

Flight included. 



JULY 6 - Iguazu Falls Argentinan Side

Breakfast and Lunch included.

JULY 7 - Brazilian Side / Evening Flight to Rio

Flight included. Breakfast and Lunch included.


JULY 8 - African Heritage Tour Half Day + OPTIONAL ADD-ON

Breakfast and Lunch included.

JULY 9 - City Tour: Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Selaron Steps, Ipanema Beach

Breakfast included.

JULY 10 - Free Day. Beach Day. (OPTIONAL ADD-ON)

Breakfast included.

JULY 11 - Departure Day


JULY 2 - Independence Day 
July 2, 1823, after almost one year of battles, the Bahian people expelled out of the Portuguese. Since then, every year, people go out to march in memory of those who fought for this and also to protest for equality. Dozens of independents groups like writers, musicians, teachers, etc gather to march on the streets of the city. Lunch included. $60
JULY 4 - All Saints Boat Tour 
Salvador has a perfect scenery for a boat tour. It is a breathtaking paradise featuring beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue waters. This is an Island Trip on the All Saints Bay - we have planned a visit to 2 different islands: Ilha dos Frade and Ilha de Maré. 
The tour includes open bar ( water, soda, beer & rose)  + snacks during the boat + lunch in the restaurant at Maré island. $175
JULY 5 - Foz do Iguaçu City Tour $50
Carnival Samba Class - 1-hour class $50
Hanggliding/Paragliding - the flight takes 10min on hang gliding/paragliding but the action takes approx.: 1h30 $200
Helicopter Ride - the helicopter ride takes 30 mins $200
Sunset Boat Tour - the boat tour takes 2 hours. They can see sugar loaf, christ the redeemer, mountains, and beautiful views from a new perspective. 2 hours (nonstop for swimming) includes rose + snacks. $120


Domestic Flights

4-5 Star Accommodations

Airport Transfers

Local Tour Guide

Ground Transportation

Breakfast and Lunch (as listed above)

Tickets for all listed activities

Full Assistance

Travel Guidebook


International flight (from MIA/FLL - available add-on)

Additional activities (options will be provided)


Travel Insurance


Have a friend? 

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COST:  $ 2700


(based on double occupancy)


Single Occupancy - $750 

Roundtrip Flight from MIA/FLL - $900


To reserve a spot on this trip, a deposit of $ 990 and any additional add ons (Single occupancy or Roundtrip flight) is needed by OCTOBER 15, 2020.


Once received, please pay $285 to follow the payment plan below.


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Detailed Itinerary provided with a Preparation Package. Please reach out via email,, if you have any questions. 

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